The Dogs I've Known in 2 Wars  
K9 adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan with trainer and handler Dennis Blocker
A Two Book Series
Toris Ever Alert
My partner Toris was a German Shepherd and a veteran having served previous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His sense of duty always impressed me. I love this photo from Checkpoint Miami in Baghdad, because you can see that even when playing with a Kong he is still working...vigilant...a true war dog looking for possible threats.
"Are you in this war to hold a leash and collect a paycheck, or are you here because you’re a true K9 handler? Time will tell me which category you fall into.”   
Dennis Blocker's Challenge to New Arrivals in Country

"There's no greater feeling in the K9 world than to be holding a leash attached to the collar of your awesome  bomb dog. You two have trained for so long, and now it's a reality."  

                              - Dennis Blocker -

Dennis and Laky
Read how these two became an unexpected team in Baghdad, Iraq during the bloodiest year to date, 2006.
The Dogs I Have Known in Two Wars is a two part series in which K9 handler and trainer Dennis Blocker describes his experiences with these amazing dogs in both Iraq and Afghanistan 

Book One: Iraq                           Publication - December 2019 
Book Two: Afghanistan                Publication - December 2020

See videos for teasers revealing some of the chapter titles and photographs from the Dennis Blocker collection.
Tigris River Cool Down
This was the day I took both crates down to the Tigris River. Laky was afraid to get in so I planned to have Toris teach Laky how to play in the water. Laky watched as Toris jumped in and splashed around. It took a few minutes but after watching Toris have so much fun Laky had to get in on it. First just his paws and then a little deeper. Finally Laky jumped in as well. With temps of 120 degrees it was a very nice cool down. Pictured here is Toris showing Laky how it's done.
"Dawning Freedom"

 Early one morning on our FOB I heard the Apache gunships warming up to take off on missions. I could not see where they parked because of the protective concrete blast walls. Determined to get a photograph I held the camera over my head, jumped as high as I could and snapped this photo.     -  Dennis Blocker

Meet the Authors
Dennis Sr and Dennis II with grand daughters celebrating 100th page of the manuscript.
Training was not an option. It was a given. For those dogs working explosives we had constant search exercises for them. In this case I am performing bite work with one of our Belgian Malinois. This was training specific to our dogs who were dual trained explosives and patrol. 

Tools I used every day as a K9 handler and trainer in Baghdad
Another Milestone 
From the inception of the book we knew that our ultimate goal would be a manuscript of at least 300 pages. On May 12th, 2019, Dennis Blocker Sr. shows we are two-thirds there. Very exciting!
My Two Checkpoints
When I first arrived in Baghdad I worked at the very dangerous Checkpoint Two. This was the only checkpoint considered in the Red Zone. I then was moved to Checkpoint Miami which was also called the NEC Checkpoint or New Embassy Checkpoint. Also in the photo is a grid showing where our kennels and lodgings were as well as Saddam's Presidential Palace which featured some amazing food and shops.
Milestone Reached!
From the very beginning we felt that 300 pages would be a good goal for our book. Today, June 6th, 2019 we reached that goal. 
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